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John Deere 455 Won't Start

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07-28-09, 12:11 PM   #1  
John Deere 455 Won't Start

My JD 455 Diesel Lawn Tractor will not start. Ran great last week. The panel lights come on and humming noise when key is turned to warm glow plug, but will not turn over when turning key to start. This has happened in the past, but would eventually start up. It's being very stubborn this time! Any ideas???

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07-29-09, 12:47 AM   #2  
It won't even turn over? As in it does nothing when you turn the key? Does it click? Is the battery fully charged? Is power getting to the solenoid trigger wire on the starter?

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07-29-09, 05:59 AM   #3  
In addition to what Cheese offers:

You just about need a service manual and/or wiring schematic when troubleshooting a 455 electrical problem. I am not sure if all 455s are made the same. The only one I have worked on had a Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel and a complicated electrical system. If you have, the skills and tools to work on it get a service manual. You will find it invaluable

Here are just a few tips I can offer:

Your tractor has safety switches for seat, mower, PTO and hydraulics, if installed. From my memory these safety switches are routed through an integrated circuit board and deactivate the fuel and starting system when an unsafe condition exists. Without knowledge, a multi-meter, wiring diagram and bypass jumpers it is difficult to troubleshoot. What you can do is check switches for security and cleanliness of contacts. Check ALL electrical connections for security and cleanliness. Corrosion on connectors is often the source of a problem. You may get lucky.

Remove fuses and clean connections.

Can you hear/feel the fuel pump and injection pump come on when the key is turned on?

Check battery cables for clean solid connections. Battery cables can breakdown with age. The cables should be stiff when moved not limp. If they are not stiff, they could be corroded internally.

I see people replace perfectly good parts trying to find a fix. DO NOT replace any part unless you can VERIFY it is defective. This can get very expensive. You might consider taking it to a service shop, either a JD dealer or shop with experience on JDs.

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