Wrong oil


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Wrong oil

I was not paying attention and grabbed a bottle of 10w50 and put it in my lawn mower instead of small engine oil. It is now smoking and stalling out. Have I screwed up my lawn mower?
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Did you just top it up??? Is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke??? I wouldn't think that a bit of 10w-50 would do any harm.. (I just had a briggs in that had 2 stroke oil in the crankcase because the owner put oil in a seperate tank in his 2 stroke scooter & it ran 4 years like that!!!) Tell the Pros what the engine numbers & even the mower numbers are & someone will help you out....
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Putting 10w50 in it, I'd say no it's not screwed up. Just drain it back out and re-fill it with 30w or 40w, It sounds like it may be a older unit if it's smoking that bad on the thinner (10w) oil.

It may still smoke a little after the change but should return back to running the way it was before, You may need to replace the spark plug as well now after burning so much oil with the 10w.

Good Luck

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