05 Bolens (B&S 15.5 OHV) multiple problems


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Exclamation 05 Bolens (B&S 15.5 OHV) multiple problems

Hi All,

This is Mom's tractor and I cut her grass and maintain it...at least for now

Last season the battery went. Turns out that the battery was really fine but something is wrong with the ground wire and that cause 'no start'. Temporary fix is a set of cheap jumper cables with a connection from the negative terminal and then connected to a seat spring.

Now time is an issue which is why I haven't fixed the above. This season I put in a new air filter element, new platinum tip plug, and changed the oil with M1 synthetic 10w30. The last couple of times I cut the mower seems like it is losing fuel as it wants to stall but then fires back up. Only seems to be an issue when the cutting blade is disengaged though.

In any event, it seems it may be possible that this condition is related to the battery ground problem too. Where can I locate the diagram and replacement harness to fix this problem? Also, anything else I should look at that would cause this problem?

I want to get this fixed and it is a great running tractor otherwise.
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You don't need a whole harness to fix a bad ground problem. I'd start by taking the existing ground cable loose and clean the area where it bolts to the frame. It's probably rusted or painted and not making good connection there. If it's losing ground connection, the fuel shutoff solenoid could be losing it's circuit too and shutting off intermittently. The running problem could be caused by that, but it sounds more like a dirty carb.

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