My 17.5-18 B&S wont start..


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My 17.5-18 B&S wont start..

I have a B&S AVS 31C707 0230-E1 in a Craftsman LT1000 (my mother's tractor) that is giving me headaches. It began shutting off after 15 minutes or so. She was claiming it was happening when she went over a dip, or seemed to be. It got new oil, air and fuel dice.

I decide the problem is evaporated gunk clogging the carb, disassemble and clean. Upon re-assembly and replacing the carb I forgot to put the bowl fill o-ring in place and flooded the entire engine to the crankcase with fuel. This was on Sunday. I repaired the o-ring, and ordered new head gasket and rocker cover gasket as the rocker cover gasket had failed and there currently isn't one on there.

Vacuum = check
Spark = check
Compression = I won't know exact numbers for a few hours, but as I said vacuum is a check and I pulled the plug and held my thumb in place and could feel something..
Fuel = check (maybe I'm getting too much?)

It was having problems backfiring through the intake on Monday when cranking, and is now refusing to fire. There is a lot of fuel in the cylinder, but I can attribute that to cranking, right? Maybe I'm still getting too much and need a carb adjustment?

Any advice is appreciated.
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I'm pretty sure I had the pushrods in the wrong position

I'm not sure if it will make a difference, also, I found out my compression tester was functioning and will post the result in a few minutes.
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Pushrods in the wrong position??? You didn't mention having the push-rods out. What else is there and why were the push rods out? Right now it sounds like you may have carburetor problems and valves out of adjustment. Did you adjust the valve clearances?

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