3 acres of brush


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3 acres of brush

I have recently purchased a farm, with a nice kept lawn in the front, and acres of 5 foot tall weeds in the back. It has been unkept and left to grow wild. I am looking at purchasing a ride on mower, however I can find very little information in what my first step should be with respect to cutting these weeds down for the first time. Im concerned it'll wreck the ride-on, or atleast dull it significantly to cut 2 acres worth of tall weeds and grasses. That being said, it would take days to cut it down with a gas trimmer, so I would rather not. Any suggestions?
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Find a friendly neighbor...in farm country there should be plenty. Someone with a tractor and a bush hog type mower or a scythe bar.

For maintenance you would probably tear up any sort of residential consumer grade riding mower. I'd think you'd be looking more for a small utility tractor. Something like a Kubota or a Deere...

Hopefully you could find one used..since I think they start at about $8-10k
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You might get one of the farmers to cut and bale it on a regular basis.... for free

If you do have it bush hogged and intend to keep it mowed with a rider, you should visably inspect ALL of that area and rake, dig or whatever so you can remove anything that might damage your new rider. That said, you can find lots of uses for a real tractor
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I agree. Bush hog. Rent, borrow, beg or steal one, but don't try to put a regular riding mower through it. For that much property, I'd look into a small tractor. You can pick up a used tractor and mower around here for around the same price as a new mid-priced riding mower. Even if you just get an old 8N ford or something like that, it will be better suited to the task. If you are set on a lawn mower, I suggest a mower $2500 or upwards. Craftsman or Husqvarna GT at the least, but a GT255 or something like that from Deere would be much better.
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Look into renting a Kubota or like for a day or weekend. Our local Kubota dealer rents them.
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I did it the poor mans way...

Got a old lawnmower, actually two old push mowers (b&S's 3.5 and 4hp) that I pulled out of someones trash.

One is completely finished and back in the trash, sheared the key and bent the crank in a bad way.. The other is still here to this day. It came out of the trash almost in perfect shape.. it needed a $3 diaphragm.

Of course I did most of the clearing in the spring and fall.. much,much easier than mid summer !

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What state do you live in? If in a northern state that gets snow, leave it until spring and let the snow beat it down and if you know any kids with snowmobiles let them use the land for the winter.
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Rent a machine for a day to knock it down, and then you can access what you have and what you need for the future.

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