No Spark gold 10552


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No Spark gold 10552

So was it the ignition module (coil) or was it the magneto? What was the problem? If I disconnect the kill wire I still get no spark. And that is true with old module and wth $50 new module I just installed.

Sure hope someone can help. This mower is too new and too good to become a boat anchor yet.

Here is the email I sent 30yeartech with rest of details:

Saw you on DIY and also posted on Saw your responses vs. the many (many, many) other sites I checked for clues on how to fix my beloved 10552 Gold no spark.
You seem very knowledgable. I sure wish I lived in TX as I would bring it to you (in CALI). Really hoping you can help as this issue is driving me crazy.

Def a no spark issue (new carb, etc, etc). Ran fine for a few weeks after new carb and other repails (over $200 - ouch), then I started having this intermittent no spark issue while I was mowing (like RRRRRUNdiefor a secondRRRRRUNdeifor a second RRRRRUN...I hope you get the idea). It never totally died and needed to be restarted.

THEN, I was idiot, and against all mechanic's experience to isolate problems one-at-a-time, created either a new problem or exacerbated the old problem. I removed the stupid safety bar (that I always tied off during mowing anyway) and removed the brake. Not to fix the problem, but because I wanted it gone for long time and just figured I'd take care of that. Mower fired right up and ran the same - that is, intermittantly.

THEN (and this was after I discovered I could not shut the mower off w/o the brake without installing a switch - which I had not yet so I flooded it to shut it off), upon next try, it wouldn't start. Nothing I've done over the past few months has made any difference:

* Grounded the two wires attached to the brake (one looks like kill switch, other to rectifier?) since it looked like the brake assy grounded both once pulled. Interestingly, first time I started mower w/o brake it started and ran w/o these wires being grounded, but after that first time, starter wouldn't turn w/o grounding.

* Gave up and had it checked at local mower repair. confirmed no spark but wouldn't work on it (not LB service/"can't get parts" whatever).

* So I read your post to Bill something or other, and other posts on other sites, and concluded I needed a new Coil/ignition module, ordered and installed. Same deal. Nothing.

* Looks like a green wire coming out of the rectifier (white relay looking thing) and goes into the starter relay. What does it do? When I disconnect the wires going to rectifier the starter still turns fine (i say rectifier because acc to the online parts site says that's what that is, I'm not sure that is actually what the white thing next to the starter relay is).

* What else can be bad? What else can be wrong? Driving me freakin nuts! Help!
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many problems

First a rectifier is what turns the AC voltage created by the stator into DC voltage that charges the battery. Disconnecting it will not cause anything to happen other than no longer charging the battery.

As for the rest of the questions, what kind of engine and mower are you working on?

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