8hp B&S won't start


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8hp B&S won't start


I bought an old Snapper riding lawnmower from my sister-in-law's husband. He said he went to crank it one day and it stayed running for a little bit and when he went to engage the blades, it quit on him. He cranked it back up again and it was fine. I got it home and filled the gas tank up and tried to crank it. I got to looking at the engine and noticed that there was no oil. I filled it back up with oil and tried it again. It still won't crank. I think I may have a winter rebuild project. I will have to rebuild the carb, clean the valves, etc. I am still investigating if the fuel is getting to the engine. Will do that in a little bit to see if fuel is getting to the engine or if I need to replace hoses. Any more suggestions I can try?
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If it was running before then you won't have to rebuild the carb, the valves should be fine as are the hoses.

You said that it will not crank. Is the starter making any noise like it is trying to work? If so can you turn the flywheel by hand? If you cannot then you may have a seized motor.
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Here's the verdict. I took the engine all the way apart and found that the piston rod was broken. The piston is still in good shape. The only thing I need is a piston rod. My questions are

Where can I get a piston rod?

Would it be better to buy a new rod or get the whole assembly with new rings and all?


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It's hard to know without knowing what condition your existing parts are in. Have you verified that the other parts are within tolerances?

Did you check to be sure the crankshaft isn't scarred up?
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The crankshaft isn't scarred up. I did however notice that the cylinder is kind of scratched up a little, kind of like hair-line scratches. I was discussing it with my dad and we have came to the conclusion that the previous owner let it run out of oil and the engine seized up and instead of throwing the rod out of the block, it disintegrated. I found a lawn and garden website that has the connecting rod and gaskets. It would have cost me $30, but I decided to check some of my local auto parts stores. Believe it or not, Advance Auto Parts and Autozone doesn't sell small engine parts, except the small tune-up parts. O'reilly Auto Parts sells all kinds of gaskets, pistons, and any other part you need for lawnmower engines.

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