Craftsman Tractor flywheel removal


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Craftsman Tractor flywheel removal

Model 2559105, B&S engine 1281-01
I think that I have a problem with the engine jumping time. Sometimes I get a spark to the plugs and other times I don't. when it does catch the engine only runs for a minute or so then dies out and won't fire again. I have check the solenoid
and replace the carb and still fires intermediately, so now I am thinking that it jumps time.
How do yoou go about removing the flywheel on this model to check if the key is sheared?

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You have three ways to remove the flywheel. The best is to use a Briggs puller or a harmonic balancer puller which will screw into the hole on the flywheel and press against the crank. That is the best method. Next you can use a two jaw pulley in the same fashion. And third you can do it the old fashioned way and screw the flywheel nut back on the crank until it is flush with the shaft, pry up with a pry bar from the bottom and hit the top of the shaft with a hammer, you have to hit it pretty hard. If you do it this way make sure that you do not pry up on the stator and the nut needs to be flush and hit the crank straight down so it is not damaged. While that is an easy method it is best to use a pulley if you have not done it before.
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You don't have to pull the flywheel to check the key. Furthermore, a sheared key won't cause intermittent spark. Did you replace the plug? Have you verified that it is not getting spark?
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I have replaced the plugs, checked the soleniod twice, found out that I have a bad clutch switch (voltage on one wire only)
so I jumped that switch for the time being (once I get it running again I will replace the switch). What else could be causing and intermediate spark?
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The model number you posted is not correct. Post correct model, type and code.

Did you use a spark tester to verify intermittent spark? Does one cylinder have spark continuously and the other does not?

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