New cub cadet turn what would you do?


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New cub cadet turn what would you do?

Hi everyone! I just purchased a zero turn cub cadet enforcer 54 inch cut, kohler 23hp engine brand new. Just asking for advice on anything to do to this machine before and after I start mowing. any thing you would do that maybe the the shop didn't tell me(inside info) that should be done for it's upkeep? any thoughts/advice appreciated! thanks
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If you do not have the owners and parts manuals for your mower you can download them at the link below. Familiarize yourself with the lubricant and adjustment requirements in the owners manual and perform them as required.

PDF Manual Web Archive

Oil is the one item under your control to keep the engine in good condition. Change the oil filter and engine oil after 50 hours or end of season. Use high-quality detergent oil of API (American Petroleum Institute) Service Class SG, SH, SJ or higher. SAE 10W30 oil can be used in temperatures 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you desire to use synthetic oil, operate the engine for at least 50 hours using standard petroleum based oil before switching to synthetic oil. Change synthetic oil at the same intervals you would standard petroleum based oil.

Kohler Service Bulletin 231 recommends “oil filters be pre-filled prior to installation, to assure a continuous flow of oil to all critical points in the lubrication cycle.”

Download an engine service manual at the link below:
Kohler Engines: Owners & Service Manuals: Manuals & Maintenance
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thanks airman I appreciate it!
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My suggestion is to plan 2 to 3 hours going over the whole machine with the set up instructions in the manual. Verify for yourself that all hardware is tight, linkages are lubed, air filter cover is tight, air pressure in the tires is correct and matches from side to side, deck is level from side to side as measured at the blade tips, and 1/4" lower at the front than the back. again as measured at the blade tips. ALWAYS look to be sure that there is oil in the motor, that it is at the correct level, and any other fluids are at the proper level also. Look for bent or damaged parts that might have happened at delivery, or got past quality control, like off center wheels that wobble as they rotate, deck hangers, steering parts. And if there are other operators (spouse, children, etc.) that will use this machine, go over the manual and operating procedures with them. Check the oil EACH AND EVERY time before you start the machine. That's the single most important thing you can do to get maximum life in any small engined piece of equipment.

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