Mower issues :(


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Mower issues :(

ok so i have a briggs and stratton lawn mower, and i just barely replaced the spark plug and got fresh clean gas and changed the oil in it about a month ago. I have to mow my lawn soon and when i went to start the thing it started and then died about 3 seconds later, i have googled why it does that and it said that i probably need to clean my carburetor, unfortunately for me i have NO IDEA where that even is, i have searched and searched and cannot find anything online that would explain to me where it is, my husband is in iraq for another week or so but i need to mow it NOW. and i am good with this kind of stuff if i know where things are but i have no idea where it is, also if i am wrong and it's not that that is wrong with it what do you think could be it? thanks
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If you will post the engine model, type and code numbers usually found on the "metal" shroud just above the spark plug or on a tab over the muffler, someone will tell you how to fix it. Have a good one. Geo
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On a Briggs & Stratton the carb should be on the Left rear of engine. There should be a Cover that has 1 or 2 screws you will have to remove to gain access to carb. Also before you remove the carb. be sure and drain the gas or you will have a Mess.
Do you have any experience working on Carburetors?
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Could be on the right front or who knows...not all Briggs engines are the same.

Post the engine model # so we know what you have. The carb is probably the problem.
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i will get the model number but no i don't have any experience myself but i have watched my dad do things like that

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