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B&S Chipper

This is my first used Sears Chipper, So I am in a learning curve.

I have a Sears Chipper with a B&S 5 HP engine, Model # 130212, type 3250 01

My first question is: It takes two hands to pull the starter rope. The engine is directly connected to the chipper blade. So I am guessing that the starter rope is hard to pull because I am also spinning the chipper blade at the same time I am spinning the engine to start. Is this normal, or am I missing something?

The second question is:
I have to prime the carb to get the engine started. Once it is started, it blows black smoke out the exhaust.
I can turn the air/fuel screw and it does not change the RPM. I can even take the screw all the way out, and the RPM does not change.
What I have tried is mixing carb cleaner with the fuel and run a tank of gas. No change in the problem.
I sprayed carb cleaner into the air/fuel hole and it runs into the carb. That tells me there is no blockage there.
My knowlege on carbs is poor. So if you have a answer, a link as to where I should be looking would help.
I just do not understand why it would run rich with the air/fuel screw taken out.
I am on vacation and not around a computer. So if you ask a question, be paticent. I will get back to you.
If your recomdation is to buy parts. Can you give a recomdation as to where to go online.
Sorry about the bad spelling, but I can not find a spell checker here.

Thank You
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The starting with two hands is normal. Rebuilding the carburetor might get it where you will only have to pull once to start.

Overhauling the carburetor will eliminate the need to prime. The first link below will guide you thru a rebuild. This is one of the simplest and most reliable carburetors there is.

Pick up an aerosol can of inexpensive carburetor cleaner and spray all passages, etc. My favorite is the Auto Zone brand.

Get a 494624 Carburetor Overhaul Kit and it will contain every thing you need.

Disassembly instructions:

Disassembly of Briggs and Stratton Tank-mounted Pulsa-jet Fixed-jet Small Well Carburetor - Horizontal Crankshaft Engine

Parts List:


How the Pulsa-Jet Carburetor works:


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