Homelite 16' chainsaw


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Homelite 16' chainsaw

Hi everyone i am new here and look forward to learning and helping out as much as i can.
I have a 16" homelite chainsaw that refuses to start. Gas is good plug is wet but seem slike no spark at all, checked with test light and no light from inside plug wire. What is the cause of the no spark??. Thanks Jim
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check that the coil is not gorunded on both sides ie. the small push on terminals are not both grounded.
If the switch is bad, then it might have shorted to ground and that would cause it no to spark.
A bad coil will cause it not too spark, but that usually shows up as cracks in the plastic (if it has plastic around it).

You can test for resistance from the high voltage side to ground, and it should be quite high of resistance.
You can test for restistance between the 2 push on terminals, that should be much lower, but not zero.

I can not give you exact readings as we don't know the saw model number, or anything else.
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Dumb question but did you check the "stop" switch? If it is on, stuck, or broken that would kill your spark.
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I did check the switch and i think it is a model 23av. I'll have to check when i get home. I will recheck the switch again to see if i missed something.

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