reliable lawn tractor advice for first time buyer?


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reliable lawn tractor advice for first time buyer?

Hi, I am about to purchase a new lawn tractor for my new home. I have 2/3 acre and it takes me 90 minutes to mow with my push mower.

I have done some research but I just don't know what brand to trust to have the least amount of issues. I'd like to spend around 1200-1400.

I'd like automatic, 42" cut, but other than that i'm open to suggestions. I just don't want to have hundreds of dollars of repairs a year or two after buying it...any thoughts on what brands I should focus on?

thanks! Chris
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Check around with other homeowners & see what they have & how the units are working for them.. Also think about local support for parts & service... It's no fun to save $100.00 or so by buying from a big box store just to find you have to drive 2 or 3 hours for parts or warranty... What do the local dealers sell??? Roger
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That sounds like quite a bit of mowing for a big box store mower, I'm not a brand basher so I will only say this;

For a box store unit in the price range you stated, Look closely at the Sears Craftsman or the same manufacturing company and opt for a Briggs engine if possible. Sears is pretty good at handling their own warranty work and most shops perform warranty repairs on their units as well.

The longevity of any unit depends on proper care/operation and maintenance.

Good Luck
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I agree. If I were to spend my money right now on a new riding mower, it would probably be on a craftsman or husqvarna (AYP product) because of parts availability and value for the dollar. There are better mowers out there, but usually whatever you intend to spend, craftsman has a mower in that price bracket that is a decent machine for the money.

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