Craftsman Mower - Help!


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Craftsman Mower - Help!

I have a craftsman mower with a 16HP Command Kohler engine that I recently got from my father. He hadn't used it in a couple years. When I first put gas in it it leaked out through the carb and also into the crankcase. I rebuilt the carb an changed the oil which stopped the fuel leak. On cranking it for the first time (dificult) the engine ran rough and started smoking (exhaust) a lot. The engine exhaust then got bright red (after 2 min of running) and then the engine died. When I try to crank now it will backfire through the exhaust and carb, but will not start. Plug is new and properly gapped. Plug is also sparking well.

Any thoughts?
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Check for a sheared flywheel key, Very possible especially when the carburetor floods and the engine is cranked. The key will sometimes shear when a cylinder full of fuel is compressed. Ignition will be out of time if the key is sheared, could cause the excessive heat if one can get the engine started.

Best of Luck...
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How do you check the flywheel key?
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Remove the flywheel bolt and you should be able to see the key and keyways to tell if it's all lined up properly or not.

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