Looking to buy 1st Lawn Tractor


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Looking to buy 1st Lawn Tractor

Am leaning to the husqvarna - 2 in particular - the YTH20K46 and the 2246LS. The 20K46 has a Kohler 20 hp Courage single and the 2246 has a Briggs 22 hp Endurance Series V-Twin. The 2246 would cost $300 more. Also the 2246 has 4 anti scalp wheels vs. 2, has larger rear tires, electronic clutch vs. manual, 12 gauge vs. 14 gauge, a reinforced deck and a brush guard. Which engine is the best and which Tractor would be the best buy. Thanks for your much needed help.
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What is the end use? By this, I mean are you cutting on relatively smooth ground with slight or no grades, and are there many spots which require clutching for back up etc.

For smooth ground and not too many reverses, I would go with the lower priced model.

If you have steep grades, a washboard lawn, and many needs to back up (like my yard) then go with the heavier gauge, auto clutch, etc. model.
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I would go with the Kohler engine. It's a much better engine than B&S. Only 2hp difference you won't notice the power difference plus the single will use less gas and Kohler's have hydraulic valves so you don't have to adjust them every year just so it will run.
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Hard call. I prefer Kohler generally, but I also prefer the heavier deck, electric pto versus manual, anti-scalp wheels, brush guard, and bigger tires. I'd say the briggs mower is the better mower, but it would be even better with a kohler. The briggs is ok, especially if you stay on top of the maintenance and watch around the air filter to be sure dust isn't getting past it.

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