Zama carb repair


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Zama carb repair

I would suggest to everyone, go to and and (READ and UNDERSTAND) their instructions for cleaning their carbs.
Has anyone replaced the nozzel and check valves in these small carbs, I see a tool kit is about $30 for 7 tools(ZTK-101), the nozzle and check valve is about $3(A007151). The replacement carb is $100+,(C1U-S41,A),(C1U-S63A). Just a thought, since I destroyed a S41 out of frustration(over clean, over blow,over clean, over blow), if you leave a carb in a ultra-sonic cleaner too long(not recommended by the mfg) and if you leave a carb in bath cleaner(not recommended by the mfg) and you use high pressure air(not recommended by the mfg), you can blow the check valve right on out of that little fella. It comes out like a little black goo dot. Have a good one. Geo
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hey Geo... I've been sending posters to the manufacturers sites.. Lots of people seem to think that cleaning the carb & using the old parts is O.K. because they ""Look Fine"". They get stiff & brittle with age & they don't work as enginered but lots of people still try to save 12.00 bucks on a carb kit.. The adjustment on the meetering lever is as important as a float adjustment in a regular carb,, but how many people actually adjust it???? I agree,, The manufacturers web site is a wealth of information.... They even let you print the service manual for their carbs..... Roger

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