fs 55 stihl weed eater


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fs 55 stihl weed eater

MY weed meater idles fine but bogs when i try to rev, i have put a carb kit in , changed the spark plug and have cleaned the spark arrestor.I also changed the fuel filter and checked the fuel lines, when i try to rev it spits the gas out past the butterfly? Any ideas?
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My information shows the FS55 to have a ZAMA carburetor. I would first attempt to adjust the carburetor as shown in link below to achieve correct performance. If the engine will not run correctly after adjusting the carburetor, I would read the manual, linked below, and determine if you have correctly rebuilt and adjusted the carburetor. Assure the metering lever is adjusted correctly. If you did not remove the welch plug(s) you may need to remove them and clean the ports behind the plug. I would not remove the welch plug(s) until you have ruled out other factors. If you do need to remove the welch plug(s) be careful not to damage carburetor. You can make installation tools by shaping pieces of metal or hardwood in the shape of the welch plug. Read the section of the manual titled WELCH PLUG before removing one.


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If when you installed the new kit you used the new metering arm I would suggest replacing it with the old one, unless it was very worn, as it has the proper height setting. Have a good one. Geo

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