Gasoline poured in oil fill tube


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Gasoline poured in oil fill tube

I'm suppose to be picking up a walk/behind where the lady said she mistakenly poured gasoline in the oil fill tube. I was thinking about draining the sump and then refilling it partially with new oil several times and draining the oil out. Is there something else that I need to do?
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Just drain it well, then fill with new oil and it should be set. You may have to remove the plug to clear the cylinder as well, and it will smoke when you start it, but one good oil change should do it if you tip the mower to get all the gassy oil out.

Wonder how that happens? Seems like a fairly hard mistake to make since the gas can spouts usually are too big for the oil dipstick tubes and there is a dipstick attached to the cap. I once had to fix a mower that belonged to an old man who poured antifreeze into the gas tank. When I explained it doesn't go there, he wanted me to tell him where it did go...and it was a push mower. He was getting senile though.
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Don't feel bad Cheese.. I had a ""Virus"" go thru the neigherbhood lawnmowers the other day... The first person sent his son out to cut grass, & to get fuel... His lawnmower ran 3 mins & quit,, He borrowed the mower from next door,, filled fuel,, ran 3 mins & quit.. After 4 lawnmowers they all arrived @ my garage & I found they all had Diesel in the fuel tanks!!! No harm done,, But the young Lad got out of cutting grass for the weekend LOL!!! (Smart Kid???) .....Roger

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