Craftman gas edger - starter rope repair


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Craftman gas edger - starter rope repair

The starter rope broke for my Craftsman edger. I took the housing off the engine but i do not see how to replace the rope. Does anyone have any experience with this repair that they could share? And the manual does not address this at all.


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Without engine model numbers and type I will give you the general method. Since you have the shroud off you are half way there, turn the rope pully in the direction it would go if you were trying to start the edger as far as you can turn it, now back it off until the inlet hole aligns with the hole in the pulley, now lock it there with a clamp or something or just hold it, now thread the new rope through the inlet, through the pulley and tie a knot, now release the pulley and the rope will rewind, reassemble everything, cut the rope to the proper length and you are finished. Have a good one. Geo

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