Poulin WildThing Chainsaw Carb


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Poulin WildThing Chainsaw Carb

I can't seem to pull any gas up to the sparkplug.

I have pumped gas up to the carb with the primer bulb and upon removing the top cover of the carb, can see gas emerge when the small rocker valve at the top of the carb is depressed.

So my question is, if I have gas at the top of the carb inside, why can I seem to get any gas out of the carb.

Is anyone familiar with the inner workings of this poulin carb. I can't see what causes that rocker valve to release gas. I do see a rubber diaphram which installs over the carb so is it maybe vacumn which opens the gas flow?

I have good compression. The rubber manifold looks new. All gas lines look good. Filter is clean.

Any ideas appreciated!
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If you look @ the carb, it has the manufactures name on it.. than go to their web site ( Warlbro.com,, Zama.com etc) & they have excellent troubleshooting & diagrams of how these carbs work... You may need a kit & a cleaning, but go through the book as it has a lot of info... Good Luck... Roger
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If you spray a choke cleaner in the carb and the engine does not try to run, pull your muffler off and look at your piston rings. They should be shiny and free with no scratches on the piston or cylinder walls. There is crankcase pressure that works the carb to pump your fuel. You can have what feels like compression and have scored rings and cylinder.

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