4 h.p. tecumseh carburetor trouble


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4 h.p. tecumseh carburetor trouble

I have a 4 h.p. tecumseh it is on a mini-bike. Recently pulled the carb off and cleaned it thoroughly (I do a lot of small engines, outboards, mowers, ect) but now I am not getting fuel in the carb. The Bowl fills up, but gas will not draw into the carb. Is there something that needs to be adjusted? not much to this carb at all and it has me stumped. The brass bolt that holds the bowl on has holes in it, cleaned those as well, but is there a certain way that the bolt is to be tightened, there is a small notch that looks like one of the holes would line up to in the bottom of the carb. What really has me baffled is that it ran before I did this, just not very well. Now I can't get it to run at all. If any of you Guru's out there could help me out I would appreciate it very much.


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sounds like the main jet is clogged.
is the feul/air mix screw open enogh to let fuel draw in?
is the bowl all the way full?
if it`s not then the main jet can`t oick up any fuel.
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It would be helpful to have engine model and type numbers so we know what we are talking about. The bottom screw does not need to be tightened any certain way. If there is a needle in the nozzle, it should be turned all the way in hand tight and then opened 1 1/2 turns. idle mixture screw on side (if there is one) tightened all the way in and 1 turn out. This will get engine started and you can adjust if necessary.
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you say the brass nut on the bottom of the carb has holes in the side, look for a small hole in the center of the nut that is smaller than the side holes. That is probably plugged and it is the main jet for your engine operation. There are access holes that allow fuel to get to the side holes on the nut.

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