Age & Use of Tecumpseh/Craftsman 7hp engine?


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Age & Use of Tecumpseh/Craftsman 7hp engine?


In my shed I recently discovered a small engine that had been given to me years ago. I noticed that it was in near perfect condition and that it had a Craftsman ID Plate. According to the plate, only Allstate oil should be used, and I then noticed that an Allstate spark plug was in the head.

I thought that Allstate was an old Sears brand, TOO old for such a new looking engine... so I searched for the Tec. Spec# (to determine age) and couldn't find it. I didn't see it on the shroud or on any tag bolted to the crankcase. Can anyone help me identify the age or use of this engine? SPecs:


model# 143-606022
Serial# 0254 06003

Has a pulley for dual v-belts
Is painted white.
It is mounted to a stamped steel "frame" which is no larger than the base of the engine... it raises the engine about 3 inches.
It has a pull start, but this isn't original... I guess it could have been electric start at one time.

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if you go to 'sears' web site/they have a 'parts direct' tab.
there you can enter thr model #
might help
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The suggestion to use got me all excited... but then the site let me down. The Sears description of my engines' model number was: CRAFTSMAN 4-CYCLE ENGINE. (Duh)

There were some nice old parts diagrams of the engine, but none had a date.

Thanks for the try. Today the sun is much brighter than yesterday, so maybe a second look for the Tecumpseh Spec # will bring results.

Thanks for the try.
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I think this manual will cover your engine if not it does have interpretation of model number.
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Bingo... not sure yet... but within the first 10 pages of that manual I discovered that Tecumsehs also have a date code on their carburetor.

Yes! So even if I cant find the date code on the engine itself I may have a solution here Thanks, I will check for the number in the morning.

Thank you very much.

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