Lawnboy mower cuts out


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Cool Lawnboy mower cuts out

I have a Lawnboy mower with a 4cycle engine that cuts out and dies after running for 10 minutes or so. It starts right up cold, runs for 10 or 15 minutes and cuts out. I can prime the gas, start it up and run for just a couple of passes before it dies again. I changed the air filter, spark plug and my buddies dad cleaned out the carb. He said the carb was pretty gunked up. It did the same thing and died after running maybe 15 minutes. I put some gas treatment in the tank and was able to mow half the back yard (20-25 minutes) before it died again.
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Ensure the fuel cap is venting and not blocked. Loosen the cap and let the engine run. If it runs without shutting off replace cap or unblock vent.

You say the carburetor was cleaned, but was it thoroughly cleaned. It just may need better cleaning.

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