Honda GCV160 governor adjustment


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Honda GCV160 governor adjustment

Hi All,

I'm looking for information on how to adjust the governor on a Honda GCV160. I've looked and looked, but can't seem to find a how to.


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Why does the governor need adjusting?? Did you have the engine apart?? Is it surging?? Running too fast?? Just rotate all the linkages toward the wide open throttle position (with the engine off) & that should set you up.. Usually they never need adjusting tho unless someone had it apart for some reason... Give us some details & the pro's will help you out!! Roger
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My guess at what he means is that the carb needs adjusting. Every GC/GCV I have come across runs too rich, and doesn't idle properly. I have nether found adjustments for either, so if you know where they are let me know. Thanks
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Adjusting GXV160 Governor

1. Loosen the governor arm nut on the governor arm.

2. Push the governor arm away from the carburetor, and open the carburetor throttle valve fully.

3. Holding the carburetor throttle valve fully open, turn the governor arm shaft clockwise fully, and tighten the governor arm nut.

4. Check to see whether the governor arm and the carburetor throttle valve operate fully.

5. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature. Move the control lever to the maximum engine speed position, and check the engine RPM.

Maximum speed - 2950 to 3250 RPM

Idle speed - 1550 to 1850 RPM

6. Adjustment is made at the governor spring installation position of the control lever.

Link to GXV160 Governor Illustration
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Thanks for the help!

I think the governor arm got knocked while I was working on the motor. This is a custom application, I am using the motor to run an alternator to charge an off grid battery bank. During an alternator change/upgrade, I think the gov arm was tweaked. I think this because the max output dropped and I went through the fuel system (filters, carb) and it was all fine. If I push the throttle open, I get the output, so the motor is willing.

Any other ideas for a possible problem? I also replaced the plug and the ignition coil (I have a spare motor)

Thanks again, and sorry for the delay in replying. I often work 72 hour shifts, so I lag sometimes.

EDIT: Just went out and took a look. I don't see how to adjust the spring. It is just hooked to an arm, no other position possible, do I loosen the nut holding the arm? Thanks again!


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