Husqvarna 359 chainsaw starts but won't run


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Husqvarna 359 chainsaw starts but won't run

Cleaned carb, new plug, gas...
runs on choke , as soon as the throttle butterfly opens quits?
there is a vacumn line from the intake manifold, the parts manual doesn't show this [or the fuel line]. I don't see any barb for it on the carb, is this the pulse line for the gas tank?
walbro carb
04 or 05 model
no cracks in fuel line or intake boot.
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You would have a pulse line or port to drive the diaphragm on the carburetor. The only lines connected to the gas tank on all position carbs are the line feed for the carb and, when equipped, the line coming from the primer bulb.

I'll check for a parts breakdown on that Husky, I haven't had to work on one of those.

In checking the 03-04 for the 359, it's not showing an external line for the pump pulse. It must be a drilled internal port coming from the crankcase. I'm not sure what the line is you have there.

The problem you have there is fuel delivery (diaphragm pump area) or an internal plugging of the carburetor. If it came on gradually while you have been using the saw, it's probably the pump and needs a kit put in it. If it's a problem with a saw that's been sitting, say a year or more, the carb could be gummed up and need cleaning.

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