troy-bilt 5550


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troy-bilt 5550

I already had to clean my carb on my 5550 gen. It starts with one pull now, but it has a sputter I can't seem to get rid of. I have re-cleaned the carb and replaced the gaskets and sparkplug with the sputter remaining. HELP!
Engine Model 204412 Type 0147E1 Code 050329YE

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You were here before with carburetor problems and I see they are not resolved. I would like to help you. Once again I ask, please post the model, type and code of the engine.
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Verify the carburetor on your engine is a Nikki? I feel you still have a carburetor issue. Problems as you describe are normally caused by debris in the main jet/nozzle or air bleeds. Did you remove the jet and clean it thoroughly? Spray every hole, nook and cranny with aerosol carburetor cleaner and blow out with compressed air. I realize you have cleaned the carburetor but often it takes multiple cleanings to correct the condition.

Carburetor overhaul:
What are the procedures to follow when overhauling the carburetor?

Parts list:

Carburetion Troubleshooting:

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