riding mower won't start

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riding mower won't start

Poulan Pro - model PB19H42LT - Briggs and Straton Intek 19.0 HP OHV - 3 years old

engine will not start. It is very very slow to crank, seems like it will do one rotation hesitate for several seconds and then slowly do another rotation. The battery is good I even attempted to direct connect my truck battery to the starter but the same results as listed above with the slow crank one rotation then hesitates then repeats. I have cleaned the air filter, even removed it and attempted to crank, same results. If I pull the spark plug out and crank it, the engine turns over with no problem, re-install the plug and the same results, engine trys to rotate once hesitates then repeats.
History, previously the engine stalled out and would not start, found out the rocker arms were loose and it bent a rod. I replaced the rod and tightened the arms and it started but it did seem to crank slower than normal at times after that incident. I checked the rods and they are good and the arms are not loose. I removed the muffler to see if something was clogged but it is good.

Any suggestions?
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Sounds like you've got one of three problems.

1 -your battery hasn't got enough crankings amps to it
2 - valves out of adjustment
3 compression release isn't working(gone bad)

if 1 - Have the battery checked under a load,clean and tighten all battery termals (even at starter & solenoid)

if 2 - Post the model # off the engine,some one can look up the correct valve clearances for you

if 3 - Have to take off the sump plate to replace bad compression release (still with model # we can look up and tell you what P/N to get)
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4. And the most probable, bad connections, we've ruled out the battery on the grounds of jumping it, however it is probably quite weak after three years.

A triangular / detail sander can be useful here.
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Adjust the valves. The link below will guide you through the adjustment. Improperly adjusted valves can cause the engine to be hard to turn over.

It is common for Briggs and Stratton OHV engines to need valve adjustment. In fact valve adjustment is an annual maintenance schedule requirement.

How are the valves properly serviced?
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I agree...adjust the valves and your problem should disappear.

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