Husky Riding Mower/ battery problems


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Husky Riding Mower/ battery problems

I have a Husky riding mower 17/ 42

Every year I have to replace the battery. I replace it in the spring & end up having to jump the thing in the fall to get it running.

I use it regular through out the summer and enough to keep it charged.

I'm told that it has a "power supply" that could be bad?

I would like more input on this problem, I'm finding that other people with riders are going through the same issue.

Are these batteries just weak & worthless?
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1. Check the alternator output - it should be at least 14v, nearer 14.4v. Assuming its regulated, otherwise it may be higher. (Some models have two outputs, one for ac lighting, so watch out).

2. If the alternator checks out try the diode, do you still get your 14v after that.

3. Stop the engine, and do a static drain test (Set your multimeter to amps (start with 10 amps, but all being well you can move down to the miliamps section). Put the positive cable (of your multimeter) on the battery, and the negative on the positive cable to the mower. It could have a bad relay / solenoid.

The battery's aren't brilliant, but should last more than one season. I usually build a storage box somewhere, and put a small car battery in (30a 290cca apprx). Lasts forever.

Have you tried charging them over winter, and when they go flat to see if they take charge?
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Have you bought all these failed batteries from the same place? Even the "good" little lawn tractor batteries typically only last 3 maybe 4 years at best. They deal with a lot of vibration, months of no use in the winter and they are small.
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Like I said, I purchase them in the spring, use it regular through the summer, and end up jumping the battery to get it running in the fall. I have bought a few different brands. The best one that I owned was the original that lasted a few years. I purchased one just like it, but it just wasn't the same. I have ran into others who are having the same problem.
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When you say "Husky", do you mean Huskee or Husqvarna? Briggs or Kohler? Have you measured alternator output? What size engine is it and what size battery are you using?
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