Fuel Filter Micron Size for Tec OVRM120


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Fuel Filter Micron Size for Tec OVRM120

I would like add an inline fuel filter to a Tecumseh OVRM120 with a gravity feed tank. This engine did not come from the factory with a filter, but only a in-tank screen. I've seen universal gravity filters with ratings from 60 - 150 micron and pump filter from 75 microns and down. But, they do not always spec the flow rate or type of fuel feed. The filter media area also is a factor in the flow rate, so maybe a known brand/type for a similar engine is a good way to spec this filter. What type and size micron filter should I use to make sure I have a good fuel supply?

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Pretty much any universal small engine fuel filter will work just fine. It's not as critical as you're thinking it is.
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Is it worth adding a filter on this engine at all or just leave it as the OEM designed?
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I`d just leave it as is... Less clamps to leak,, & less restriction if you think about two filters in line with each other... I think I`d be more concerened about your gas can..Cus if you think about it,,, If the fuel supply is clean,, do you really need extra filters.... Roger

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