Snowblower impeller improvement kit

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Snowblower impeller improvement kit

Has anyone installed one of these on their snowblower?

It's supposed to increase the operation of your blower by quite a bit.

I'm thinking about putting one on mine and am wondering if you should install it with the impeller installed on the blower or with it out? I currently have the auger & impeller removed for a bearing replacement.
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Welcome to our forums!

I had never heard of this so thanks for the question!
I had a look at one online and it is only a plate that attaches to the second stage impeller to increase its area.
The impeller size on any machine would be directly related to the horse power of the engine as this is where much of the work is done.
Increasing the impeller size would also increase the load on the engine so there would be times when it could take more power to throw snow.

I would guess then that you would be trading throw distance for snow quantity.
IOW when the snow is wet and heavy you would have to travel much slower to not overload/overheat the engine.

The site I looked at made it look like you were magically increasing a snow blower's capabilities with no mention of the compromise.
Personally I wouldn't want to wear out my machine or travel slower to have this contraption installed.

Do you have instructions for yours?
The instructions online had you remove the chute and install from above.
It might be that you would need to do this to get proper spacing.

Let us know if you do install one and how it works.
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Is this what you had in mind?

Snowblower Impeller Kit
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My impeller had worn down a lot from clearing my long gravel driveway. I had a gap between impeller and housing of 1 inch or more which severely reduced the throwing distance, especially with wet snow, which is the norm around here.
I had looked at the online kit with the rubber paddles but didn't like it too much. I didn't think they'd last very long.

So I did the following last fall:

I removed the impeller, bought some long 3/8 inch dia steel spikes and heated and bent them to conform to the shape of the impeller's blades, facing the housing. I also added the same stock to the front of the impeller blades, facing the auger.

I then welded these pieces to the impeller blades and ground them down so that the gap between impeller and housing was reduced to about 1/8 to 3/16 inch. At the same time I re-welded some broken welds on the impeller.

The difference is unbelievable. It now throws the snow over twice as far and I've had no issues with overloading or bogging down the engine. Even wet heavy snow is not a problem anymore.

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made my own out of rubber from a old toro single stage with straight paddles. i use a 1976 Ariens and knew how far it threw. Huge difference in throwing distance. I would install with impeller on machine as you want rubber to just barely touch the auger walls so as to not create too much drag. There may also be some 'ridges' that you do not want rubber to get caught on. You could not do this if you installed while out of machine. I was very skeptical but results were huge. I used rubber strips, fender washers and self tapping screws

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