Stop wire check?


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Stop wire check?

I'm trying to get an old Simplicity S6 snow blower going with a B&S mdl 146402. I don't seem to have spark. When I check continuity from the stop wire to the engine it seems to be grounded. But then when I unbolted the old style armature the continuity is broken and then when I pulled the throttle to stop it grounds. But as soon as I bolt the armature back on it's grounded is that normal? I haven't pulled the fly wheel off yet. Can it be grounded back by the points? The armature has a small bare wire with an end that gets connected to the mounting bolt but it shows continutiy to the stop wire when it's not mounted. Should it?
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Yes it'll ground thru the points... It's probably time for a points & condenser set to give the old Girl a treat anyway,, isn't it?? LOL...Roger

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