2 cycle oil


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2 cycle oil

Is it really important to use OPE manufactures recommendations for 2 cycle oil in their product?

They all seem to have a special brand name to use in their product. The reason is i just picked up a bottle of ACE Hardware labeled 2 cycle oil. Label says its good for all brand names,and is ash less. No other claims

I thought all 2 cycle oil today is safe to use.
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Well, I've had problems using other than the same brand oil in some things...
At one time I had a Ryobi trimmer and a Craftsman blower (diff mix ratios) I just figured I'd use the Craftman oil that I had a pint of for the trimmer gas. W/in a few minutes I was having issues with the response and what seemed excessive smoke. And yes..the mix was correct for that unit. Switched back to Ryobi oil in the mix after a visit to the store..dumped the trimmer tank and refilled...ran just fine....

Been a few years...but it seemed like the Craftsman oil was red...Ryobi was green.
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It pretty much is all universal. Each manufacture will say to your their own oil but I have never seen them say if you don't use their oil your warranty will be void. As long as you use the correct mix ratio you should be fine.

I will say this though: The manufactures oil is formulated to run the best in their machines so the performance (smoke, fouling) will be best with their oil.
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If I had stock in XYZ lawnmower company, I would want you to buy XYZ labeled oil. It's all about the money.

Since I don't own that stock, I'm with you and buy on convenience and price. Haven't had a piece of two cycle equipment fail on me yet due to oil brand.
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Just for the heck of it i googled OPE web sites "2 cycle oil".

They all recommend their own "brand" . None really stated what was in their oil to make it special,other than synthetics,and something labeled "TWC-?",which seems to be for water cooled engines.

I have a Toro single stage 2 cycle snow thrower.
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I use Stihl oil for the simple reason it is designed to run in their chainsaws at 8-9000 rpm all day every day and for the small difference in price why take a chance with your equipment. Have a good one. Geo

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