Homelite 33cc chainsaw with Walboro Carb


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Homelite 33cc chainsaw with Walboro Carb

Airman is a genius when it comes to Walboro carbs!! Any submissions are welcome. I have a 33cc Homelite chainsaw and have a problem when giving it gas. I have cleaned the carb and blew it out with an air compressor. I have gotten it to idle fine, but wants to bog down and die when I give it gas. Is it time for a new kit?? I have tried adjusting the H and L mixtures to no avail. I am at my wits end with this one and hate Walboro or diaphragms for that matter because they are so fickle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Try the kit in it,, As far as I'm concerend,, cleaning a carb without installing a kit is like washing your feet with your socks on,, You may get them clean,, but most often you'll have to do them again,,, Look up the Walbro trouble shooting guide & manual on there website & if you follow the book,, the carb will work like new,,, Good Luck... Roger
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It sounds like your fuel supply in or to the carb is the problem. Things like fuel lines, gas cap venting, fuel filter will all affect this. If you can't get the idle down on a two stroke the problem can be a vacuum leak at mating surfaces on the intake or the crank seals leaking.

Past these things a likely fault is the diaphragm or gaskets requiring a full kit for the carburetor.

In the adjustments the low mixture is responsible for the transition to the higher rpms. So if you have a die out just off throttle that setting is the first to try. The high rpm adjustment is for the engine load.
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Carburetor diaphragms harden with age, preventing the pumping action that is required for the fuel to move through the carburetor. A complete rebuild is best for carburetors that have not been rebuilt in a few years.

Remove the fuel line from the carburetor that connects to the intake filter. Blow through the line, if there is resistance replace the fuel filter.

Service manuals are free to download at the Walbro website. Be sure to get the manual labeled “Diaphragm Carburetors”. This manual covers every detail of the carburetor.

Service Manuals


Parts breakdown by model number.
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thanks everyone...I will get a new kit and try everything suggested!! Thanks again.

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