Craftman transaxle problem


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Craftman transaxle problem

I have had problems using the disconnect(disengage) arm on the back of my Craftman for long time. When I need to move the mower without it running it almost never works. Today my battery was dead. When I finally got the mower where I could get it started, the mower will now not move forward or backwards when the gear lever is engaged. I know that the compartment where the lever goes into is very dusty and dirty. I've tried to blow it out with a leaf blower without much success in the past. This is the rear gas tank mower 917.273522. Where should I start?
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References are to the parts shown in the owner’s manual.

Check the belt and pulley and ensure all is OK. Does the belt turn the pulley on top of the transaxle? It should with engine running whether moving or not.

Follow the disconnect arm (#95, page 38) where it connects to Disconnect Lever (#206, page 49) on top of the transaxle. Does the lever move and can you feel positive engagement?

The transaxle consists of two separate units, a pump (replaceable, not repairable) and a differential that is repairable. Repairs are not that difficult. We just need to determine where your problem is.

Look over the transaxle and locate the model number. Usually the tag is at the rear right side of the transaxle. The number will be something like 2000-2000-006A. These numbers are often unreadable. If you can read it, write the number down in your records.

It is very important to keep the top of the transaxle free of dirt and debris. This is to prevent overheating the transaxle. Do not wash the debris away with any type liquid. Use air or a brush to remove dirt and debris.

Owner’s manual link:

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