craftsman snowblower goes in reverse


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craftsman snowblower goes in reverse

I recently bought a craftsman snowblower. Model #536882500. I got it off of craigslist and did not get a whole bunch if information about it. It seems that their is a problem with the transmission. When I put it in reverse It goes forward.
And when I try to go forward It runs in reverse. I am wondering where I should start In trying to fix this thing.

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Hi .......smitty, there are two things that could be wrong, the most likely one first: Here is how I would handle this

1. Drain the oil from the engine
2. I would also drain the gasoline from the tank
3. Set the snowblower on it`s head, that is lift up on the handlebars and stand it on the chute where the augers are.
4. Remove the bottom pan, usually held by 4 or sometimes 6 screws.

That will give you access to the inside where the transmission is. You will see a chaindrive and a steel flywheel. Also the drive pulley (the one with the rubber on it`s perameter.)

It most likely that the pulley was installed on the wrong side of the flywheel. Work the shiftlever and you will see what I mean. You may have to loosen the driveshaft to position the drivepulley on the other side of center at the flywheel.

Sounds complicated, but when you look at it you`ll know what I mean.

The second possibility is that the crank-rod was installed facing the wrong way, but that`s not very likely, because the shifting rod would then be either too long or too short.

Give it a try, and good luck

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