Starving white snowblower


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Starving white snowblower

Hello! I am brand new here, and must say that I LOVE the layout! I have a White snowblower, and it ran fine both in electric, and pull start mode. Here's my problem .... I have a full, fresh tank of gas, but I can't seem to get it to flow to my primer bulb, and from there to my cylinder. It feels like the bulb is empty, but I'm not TOTALLY sure. I removed the fuel cut-off device thinking that it may be jammed or clogged, but it wasn't. When I remove the spark plug, and either spray it with starting fluid, or gas ... it runs enough to burn that up, but then dies. ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! Tracy
It is a White snowblower with a model # of 315E646F190 Thanks again!

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First of all, gas does NOT flow into your primer bulb. The primer works by pushing air into the carb bowl forcing it to "flood", there by priming. Sounds like your problem is you have no gas getting to the carb. Most likely the needle is stuck (varnished up over the summer). The carb will need to come off, be taken apart and soaked. Then re-assembled with a new carb kit.

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