Poulan Pro won't start.


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Poulan Pro won't start.

Hi all. Question for the experts...My lawn tractor won't start. I was mowing leaves yesterday and it quit. No sputtering or anything it just stopped. I thought maybe leaves at got caught under the deck so I cleaned them out (wasn't that many) and tried to start it. No luck. I pulled the battery and put it on a charger over night. It cranks but can't quite turn over. It started out cranking pretty good. The battery seem to get weak after about the 3-4 turn of the key. I need to get these stupid leaves mulched up, so I appreciate any help on what to check. (Also checked to make sure air filter was clean, it was.)

Thanks All
(quick edit.....YEAH, it has about 1/4 tank of gas. lol)

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I don't about the expert part, but...

The battery would only be connected to the starter turning the engine over.

The dieing suddenly normally is connected to the ignition = safety switches/ignition switch/coil itself/ or a grounding of the coil kill wire.

First check for spark on a good plug, well grounded. If you have no spark there, you'll need to go a little deeper in the ignition system.

In order to isolate the ignition coil from the rest of the ignition control circuit a normal practice is to go to the coil and disconnect the kill wire, which kills the engine by grounding the circuit. If you have spark then the problem is in the other components, most likely in one of the safety switches.

If no spark and the coil is still grounded to the engine, it's a pretty good bet the coil (module is bad).

If you find you have a good spark from the start, think about fuel system issues = post back.

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