Oil Leak - Briggs & Stratton - How Do you replace a Seal?


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Oil Leak - Briggs & Stratton - How Do you replace a Seal?

Found an oil leak on my snow blower. It is a Sears Craftsman Snow Thrower Model 536.881500 and has a Briggs & Stratton Engine Model No.9A413-0202-01.

It is coming from shaft which goes into crank case on the magneto side of the engine. I removed the flywheel to expose the shaft and bushing and located the point where the oil leaks. I believe I need to replace the seal. I am not sure how to do this......I do know there is a bushing/seal kit...I am not sure if I need both bushing and seal. However, and most importantly I have no idea as to how to remove the bushing to get at the seal to replace it. Can you please advise as to how to change the seal and bushing if also required to fix the leak. The unit has had only seasonal use and runs quite well; it is otherwise in excellent shape. Thanks for your help on this ....Dennis in Buffalo, NY
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You'll have to see if you have any play to know if you need the bushing or not. Does the shaft move up and down in the engine? If it has play, it will need the bushing kit, which requires engine disassembly to install. If the crankshaft is held tight in place with no up and down movement, then you only need the seal. Be careful when replacing the seal as a scratch on the crankshaft could ruin it from ever sealing again. I use a small slide hammer with a sheet metal screw i the end and get the screw started in the seal in a spot that will not scratch the engine housing OR the crankshaft, then I pull it out. Install a new one by gently working it with taps from a hammer, keeping it even as you drive it in until it is flush and even with the engine housing. Be sure to work the seal over the shaft in a way that keeps the seal lip from rolling and letting the spring under the lip come out. It would probably help to lubricate the seal prior to installing.

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