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How to remove the wheels and other issues

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11-19-09, 02:53 PM   #1  
How to remove the wheels and other issues

I have DeVilbis 2600 PSI (model EXHP 2630) pressure washer i bought awhile ago at HD but used sparingly. Since it's siting outside and tires are only periodically filled with air, they dryrotted and good for nothing at this point. I want to change these tires to a solid rubber tires hoping they will last a bit longer, but I can not remove the little caps from the wheel's shaft. I've pounded on the wheel from the opposite side, tried turning the caps to see if they are threaded, no luck so far.
Second and imho is a lot bigger issue; what I suspect is water in the oil of the pump. When I checked the oil in the pump before starting it shows good level of oil a little overfilled, but then I decided to change the oil and what came oil looked like a sower cream - color and consistency wise alike. I cleaned the innards of the pump (after darioning what was there) with the break cleaner, refilled the pump with 30W oil, started the engine, ran it for a couple of minutes and changed the oil in the pump again this time with 30W nondetergent oil.
Is there anything I can do to prevent water entering the oil or I need an overhaul?

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11-19-09, 07:35 PM   #2  
Those little axle caps are what the military calls a "one time use item". They have little barbs inside that grip the end of the axle very tight and you usually have to destroy them to get them off. Some hardware stores do carry replacements, just measure the dia. of the axle and ask for them, also take one of the old ones so they'll know what you're looking for.
I'm no help on the pump problem.

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11-20-09, 12:42 AM   #3  
If the pump is still good, you've probably done all there is to be done. How did the water get there to begin with? Does it sit outside? Maybe the o-ring around the fill cap needs to be replaced.

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11-21-09, 02:51 PM   #4  
Those axle caps are Pal nuts and they can be a real pain to remove. If there is enough room between the nut and wheel you might try slipping a hammer claw, small flat pry bar, or two flat screwdrivers behind the nut on opposite sides of the shaft and see if you can pry one off. Another method is to secure the axle from turning and use pliers or vise grips to turn the nut back and forth, pulling as you do.
If you have to store that washer outside you should at least cover it to keep out rain, which gets everywhere, and sunlight, which ruins rubber.

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11-21-09, 07:18 PM   #5  
thank you all and that's what I was afraid of
back to home depot I guess, I had similar "one time use" on my hand truck but they were more like spring washers so I beat them to pulp and then straightened out with the hammer, it works for now, these are more "one time" than the others

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11-28-11, 01:45 PM   #6  
Here the Answer from Dewalt for Removing a Pal Nut

It's not any easier but Dewalt has an answer at this web page: Removing or Installing a Pal Nut (iNSTRUCTION for Removing Pal Nut)

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11-29-11, 06:32 AM   #7  
Since when do we use a hammer on the end of a screwdriver? That's what chisels are for. And, what is wrong with the pry method of removing the Pal nut? With two opposite "screwdrivers" of course. Gotta love those manufacturers who think just because they build a machine they know how to service them. Silly OEM's.

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