Carb cleaner for hard starting lawnmower


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Carb cleaner for hard starting lawnmower

Might be a silly question but I'll ask anyways. I have had some issues getting the engine to turn over and stay going. I have tried to adjust the carb and it seems to have helped but still struggles a bit. I was wondering is there any harm in using your normal carb cleaner for your car engine on small engines like this? Second question would be would it even help? Thanks.
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I would say, as a rule, try the carb cleaner in the gas first. I have good luck with Sea Foam. You can get that in just about all auto part stores and Walmarts.

Then if you don't see any improvement, resign yourself to dismantling the carb and cleaning it.

The cleaner in gas, in my estimation, is a good first try because of the frequency of gas deteriorating in the fuel system. Shelf life on fuel is only about a month. That leads to a varnish build up and performance problems. Most of us don't like the idea of a "take apart" cleaning every time that happens so if a little cleaner in the tank takes care of it, I would give it a try.
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A couple of other things that might help if you haven't done them already.

Routine maintenance....
* Oil Change
* New spark Plug
* Use of fuel stabilizer in fuel
* & dropping carb bowl for cleaning(Assuming that your carb has a bowl).

I had a riding mower that was getting that way put new plug,changed oil and cleaned air filter. made a huge difference.

If you do have to go the route of dropping the bowl on the carb to clean it then you might want to google it or look at some forums on cleaning the carb because there is a "o"- ring gasket that you want to be careful not to loose or damage or it will leak.As far as for taking carb apart,I would have to agree with marbobj very last resort before sending to trash pile.

To answer your main question,Carb cleaner should work fine.
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Post the engine Mfg, model, type, code, etc, ususlly found one the engine shroud just above the sparkplug and someone here will get you going. Have a good one. Geo

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