Craftsman (B&S) Push Mower Stalling


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Craftsman (B&S) Push Mower Stalling

Hello everyone. I have had a Craftsman push mower for about 5 years and it has never given me any problems... until last weekend. I got it out to give the grass one more cut before the winter and it fired up fine. I mowed for about 5 minutes and it started to slow down until it finally stalled. I brought it into the garage and started it up again, only to have the same thing happen. I checked the gas tank and it was full. I waited about 10 minutes and started it up again. It started, but after about 30 seconds it started to make kind of a clunking noise. It did that for about 10 seconds and then stalled again. I unscrewed the oil cap to make sure I had enough oil, and when i did a little bit of smoke came out of the oil tank.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem might be based on what I've written here?

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I believe I would drain the oil out of it and flush the cranckcase with a little diesel fuel or gasoline mixed with new oil. See if you get any metal filings out of it.

That could have one of a number of problems or it could have lost a rod = filings in the oil = needs to be torn down.
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How was the oil level? Sounds to me like it was running without oil in it.
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Smile Hello

Did it back fire at any time?

Did smoke appear out the exhuast and back fire at any time.

My fear is the Carb from last use leaked Gas into the oil and then you ran it until the engine said I am done.

But you should have noticed the Oil level was up higer than normal. You should also have noticed it was running wierd. Mybe hunting and surging.

Drain it and put new in. Clean the Carb and check the Air filter to make sure it is clean and not starving the engine.

Check the oil for metal. Strain it through some sort of cloth and see what is in it.

The new oil may fix the knocking noise.

Let us know what you find out please.

I hope I have helped!


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