Gasoline leaks out of engine


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I have a water pressure washer (an Excell VR2300). It's been sitting in the garage for the last 6 months. When I recently needed to use it, I first filled it with gasoline. However, the gas just leaked out onto the ground. I visually inspected where the gas was leaking from, but was unable to isolate a specific source. Any of your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Majac777
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What you are dealing with a is Carb issue that is normal for sitting for a period of time.

Dump the gas and clean/rebuild the Carb.

The Carb has different areas of issues.

If you know what you are doing then it is a easy fix, but if you do not then it may need some research on your part.

But you do need the engine model number to ge tto he Carb info, or pull the carb and look for the info on it.

I like this website by sears for more simply solution form less exprienced people.

You can go to this website and research a Carb kit to at least start the process. Some times sears rebuild kit will cost a little more than a Briggs/Tucemshe/Kohler/kawaski repair shop. But for the beginner it is a good sight.

Parts & Accessories | Shop & Find Lawn & Garden, Appliance Parts at Sears PartsDirect |

You can pull it and clean it and it may be ok. But the issue could happen again.

Inside it could be one just the float sticking, two the Small o-ring and or depending the Carb maker could be the very rubber tip on the needle could be bad causing excessive gas to enter the engine and or leak out the filter area.

Either way the carb needs to be opened and looked at and I recommend complete rebuilding. Solves many issues and saves time off the get go!

I hope I have helped. Also make sure you reconnect the linkage right and or other issues will arise! Also check the gaskets for failure also.


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