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Chain Saw

Husqvarna 385xp. Started one day. Ran a while (no cutting). Turned off button. Next day it wouldn't start. Getting fuel and spark. Even tried starter fluid. What else can I try?
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Could very well be the spark plug. Change that first. If no luck, then...

If you have the bright blue spark... Dump the gas out of it, then..

No choke full throttle, no spark plug spin it over a dozen times.

Put a table spoon of fuel mix in the plug hole, new spark plug back in it, half throttle - no choke, try to start it. This takes the carburetor out of the equation. If it tries to start. Put the gas back in the tank and see if it'll take off for you with normal starting procedure.

If it doesn't try to do anything, pull the muffler/spark arrestor and look inside the cylinder for scoring on the piston/cylinder. If you have scoring, check the compression for over 100 psi. If less you'll have to invest in, at the least, a new set of rings, and possibly a new piston/cylinder.
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I do not have time to add to this. Follow marbobj advice. Below is the service manual.

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