Toro CCR 2500 Snowblower (Model #38425)


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Toro CCR 2500 Snowblower (Model #38425)

I am having trouble with my Toro CCR 2500 snowblower (model #38425). I have installed a new spark plug, cleaned the carburetor and replaced with new fuel. It will start for a short period when starting fluid is sprayed directly into the carburetor but only run for a short period (2-10 seconds depending upon how much starter fluid was used). I absolutely cannot get it to start without the starter fluid!!!!!!

Any thoughts would be awesome. Thank you in advance.
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How did you clean the carb?? Dissassemble it & soak it in a bath cleaner & install a kit?? if not you may have to.. What does the main jet look like?? Do you have all the holes clean?? Geogrubb has a photo of the holes you have to make sure are clean if you do a search...that may get you going & if not,, get a kit & soak it & clean it with spray cleaner followed by compressed air to dry everything out & adjust the float level to even with the carb body.... CAUTION,, Go easy on the starting fluid as it's really dry & you have NOTHING lubricating this 2 stroke engine when you run it on starting fluid.. Be Careful with it... Roger
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The only other thing you can try is to keep pushing the prime bulb. I have the same model and did not winterize it before I stored it. It was all gummed up. If you keep pushing the bulb, you will get more gas and this may clean it out a little more. In my case, I had to take it in because it was too frustrating to have the thing die out all the time. From what I understand, the jets are very small and can be difficult to clean out.
Good Luck.

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