Stabile gas treatment,or drain

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Stabile gas treatment,or drain

Well,now that the snow throwers are starting to come out of summer slumber,i was wondering what the really right way to winterize them in the off season. Drain the carb,and tank,or just add Stabile gas treatment,or similiar to fresh gas and put away.
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If you use Sta-Bil run the unit with the mix so the Sta-Bil is throughout the system.

If you drain it run it dry so little or no remaining gas sits in hoses etc all off season.

Customers have had their own preferences so I don't know which is "better".
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Here is what I think?

Draining Carbs of gas. Many engine guys say drain the gas and run it dry. I agree, but in away I do not. Not saying it is right or wrong but being a Carb guy I have never drained them.

Here is why I think outher wise.

The internals of the Carb that seal and hold gas is made of Rubbers and is subjected the whole season with gasoline laced with other products especially ETHONAL. It is a Alchol type prodcut and as all alchols is removes moisture and or absorbs it. So now you drain it and it has been soaked in it the whole season. The fact it was in alchol and now is dry the moisture within the rubber and or the natural oils been broken down and or in some cases removed.

So then I have seen the rubber products go two ways when they go bad.

One is they swell back up badly after being dried out and or they crack badly due to being dried out.

So then you get no gas due to swelling and or get too much due to cracking and run the tank dry and either it sends it to the Motor and or on the floor. Then like everyone you filll it back up and a second tank full goes in there and or on the floor. Now you have big mess.

So I recommend to keep the gas in the system, Tank topped off to reduce mositure absorbtion, add STA-Bil to the gas and run it often during the slow season.

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This is, has been, and likely will be a never ending debate. I think it comes down to personal preference and convenience as to what actually does work best for each.

Personally, I keep my equipment full of fuel during storage. I do use it or at least start and run during the off seasons. I have also let equipment sit this way for an entire off season and have not had issues.
For long term and or confined space storage, I recommend draining all fuel including and especially the fuel bowl.

I have found stale fuel but when I have it is very apparent by the smell and appearance. Personally I have few problems solved with fresh fuel alone.
I do not use stabilizer but neither can I attribute any problems from using it as several of my customers do so.

I do maintain that storage in an area that has only moderate temperature changes, with the equipment full of fuel does work...for me at any rate.
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I have been riding and working on motorcycles for more than 30 years and I can say from numerous incidents that it is ALWAYS better to use stabilizer, fill the tank and run it for 5 minutes. Never drain a carb and leave it to dry. First of all, the seals and rubber will dry out and crack. Secondly, the gas will turn to varnish (gum) within weeks and then you've got to rebuild and soak to get them back to operation. After the winter is over, it's best to change out the gas because it isn't quite the same as when it was put in, even with the stabilizer but this can get a little expensive. Running it out normally won't hurt the carbs, just might not run as well on older gas. As far as dry gas, NEVER use Heet (Methanol) as it only displaces water and tries to burn it off by increasing octane level. Isopropyl dry gas actually combines water and gas into a burnable mixture. You can skip the auto store expensive brand and get from Walmart as rubbing alcohol, just make sure it's at least 93%.

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