gummed up gas line


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gummed up gas line

Unfortunately, we have had two freezes here already and I did not drain the gas out of the edger. Now it won't start and I am assuming that gas has gummed up in the line. Is there any product that would un-gum it?
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Having 2 freezes, I would first think the line is actually frozen. Sounds like you may have some water in the gas. Use some isypropel dry gas. Put in 1 oz per gallon. If you can, bring it in a warm garage or basement first to thaw it out.
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If there is enough water in the lines to freeze and block the flow of fuel, drygas isn't going to help. I think you have a gummed up carburetor most likely and need to take the bowl off and clean and inspect the carb.
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If it is indeed the fuel line that is gummed up, it is quicker to replace it that to fiddle with it. Generic fuel line is available at less than a dollar a foot. I suspect you have frozen water in the gas as well. Any way you can safely warm up the machine?
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Might carb cleaner work in this instance? Ethanol? Might help. I used it on my snowblower and it did a good job. It was having problems staying going. Spray by where you see the hose for the primer button.

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