Toro 826 snowblower has no spark


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Toro 826 snowblower has no spark


I was given this snowblower the other day. So I don't have any history on it and there are no id tags on it to determine model or year. It turns over good but has no spark. I tried a new plug also. It has a 8hp briggs on it that I guess is original.
I'm thinking I need to check / change the points and condensor first. I took off the sheet metal and the debris screen. How do I get the recoil part off of the flywheel so I can pull the flyweel? I didn't want to force it. Should it just pry off?
Also there are two wires that go down the handle from the ignition switch. One goes to the engine for ground. The other one isn't connected to anything. It has an eyelet on it like it should hook onto somewhere. Would like to get this running before the snow comes.

Thanks for any advice
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Sounds like that wire that goes no where could be your problem. With no model number, it is hard to tell what you have. Many snowblowers used a Tecumseh engine. Toro used bot Tecumseh & B&S. Also, depending on how old it is, you may NOT have points. If it is newer than 1984, it has no points. Really need the model number ti help.
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Without engine #'s Indy's right,, but you may have to do some exploritory surgery for us.. Do you just have the recoil off or the whole fan shroud?? If the fan shroud is off, can you describe the wires on the coil?? Is there one small one that disapears under the flywheel?? Post a Pic or let us know what you see & we'll do our best to get you going.. Yes, you'll need a flywheel puller or a ""Knock Off Tool'' to remove the flywheel.. You can get them @ your Napa store for 5~6 bucks... Roger
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It is a briggs engine. Model number is 190402. I took the cover off that holds the rope part of the recoil. There is a silver part that is still on the flywheel. That is what I need to get off. I'm not sure how it comes off. I have a flywheel puller once I get that piece out of my way. That should take me on the right direction. I would say it is late 70s or early 80s. Toro website shows where id tags should be. They are gone.

The wiring that comes down the handle from the key switch: One goes to ground. Could the other go under the flywheel?
Also it is in neutral and the auger is in the off position. It has two safety switches under the controls that seem to be working.

Thanks in advance
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That'll be the clutch assembly for the recoil.. it's nutted on there with a clockwise thread so you could either carefully take a big pipe wrench to it or go out and get the briggs clutch tool (preferable so it could be properly torqued when reassembling) There's also a tool to counter the flywheel but you could probably use a strap wrench. Also take note of how the bellwasher is installed. torque on the clutch to flywheel is 55-65 lb-ft

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