Sears Craftsman snowblower help


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Sears Craftsman snowblower help

hello there, i have an old (dont know the year) sears craftsman snowblower, an old red and white one. I can get about 1 pass down the drive, and then the final drive chain pops off? Is there an adjustment somewhere? I cannot seem to find any manuals online, thought about removing a chain link but i think then it will be too tight.
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Post the model number for the machine and the engine, maybe someone can find the info for you. Have a good one. Geo
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There is no adjustment for the chain. 1 of 2 things need to be changed:
1). Axle bushings are worn enough to allow the axle to move back & forth. Replace the axle bushings. Same goes for the shafts on the gears for the chains.

2). Chain is worn and needs replacing. If not oiled every year, the chain will wear (called stretching).
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Loose chain

You might be able to remove one link and put in a half link, its about as much trouble as replacing the chain. When the chain wears it starts to wear out the sprokets, usually the smaller one, so its always a good idea to replace a worn chain.

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