Tecumseh HSSK50 Trouble Starting and Power loss


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Tecumseh HSSK50 Trouble Starting and Power loss

Hi all,
I have a Tecumseh HSSK 50(67375S H) Family Number VTP195U1G1RC on an Agway 22" snow blower. I've had it for 3 years now. I did a carb rebuild on it when I first got it, and it seemed to run ok, just took forever (sometimes up to a half an hour) to pull start while the engine was cold didn't have an electric starter. Same thing the second winter, so I put on an electric starter, but it still seemed it didn't want to start, would run and then shut off a few times until it decided to stay running. It became so bad this year that the starter would get hot and not work, it took an hour to start, was the first time this year so I didn't think much of it. When it is warmed up, it still is hard to start, I use the pull starter and have to pull it frantically to get it started, seems like it just doesn't turn the flywheel fast enough. While it is going in the snow, even just a few inches of snow and in 1st speed it will bog way down and on many occasions if I don't release the auger and drive handles fast enough it will stall out. I put on a new governor spring it was wore out and it made a little difference, mainly with higher RPM's though. Any ideas? I think that maybe the coil or pickup might be bad, but I haven't been around small engines long enough to know what the symptoms are. Thanks
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Install new spark plug.

Does engine have good compression?

Adjust valves.

Clean carburetor again. Carburetor is part number 640084, which is an emission carburetor that is as simple as they get. The link below gives explicit details for the carburetor. The main nozzle O-rings can be a problem. The holes in the bow nut are often overlooked.
Disassembly of Tecumseh Series 1 Emission Carb 640084B

Tecumseh service manual link:
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I agree with Airman. New Spark plug and with today's gas only being good for 30 days, clean the carb again. If any gas was left in it, carb is varnished up. Soak it in a carb soaking cleaning solution and make sure you soak the bowl nut, too. Then rinse with water and blow out with compressed air. And make sure you clean BOTH hole in the bowl nut. And by a carb kit for it. When you blow out the carb, you will blow out the seat for the needle. Carb kit is needle, seat, bowl gasket, bowl nut gasket.
Starting procedure: Prime twice, full choke, full throttle. Should start on 1st or 2nd pull.
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Thanks guys, I will try that when I can this week, hope it works. If you guys can think of anything else i'd appreaciate it

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