Engine won't start


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Talking Engine won't start

Hello all. I've got a Noma or a Murray Snowblower, not sure which. Won't start, pretty sure fuel is stale. Engine is a 3horse snow king, hsk 600 i think. Looking for carb overhaul tips or pics. When it did run (last year) it mostly ran pretty good, sometimes it would hunt a little and it would overspeed as well, and I mean like it was gonna bust. Also you have to leave it choked a bit for it to run smooth. Plug looks good, exhaust is clear and cylinder looks okay. I'm ready to tear into the carb. The crankcase seals appear dry. Thanks.
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If it is an HSK600, it is a 6 hp. Remove the carb, taking note of which hole the link is in on the carb. Then remove the nut on the bottom of the bowl. Do this with the carb upside down. Now remove the pin holding the float. Remove the float & needle. Hold the float to your ear & shake. If you hear a sloshing, replace the float. Remove the seat using a pick or compressed air by blowing into the gas inlet. Remove the low speed adjusting screw. Take the carb body & float bowl and soak it in a carb cleaning solution for a couple of hours. Buy a complete carb kit for it. That should include Bowl "o-ring", needle & seat, and both adjusting screws. After soaking, rinse all parts in water and blow them off with compressed air. Make sure to blow out EVERY hole in the carb body. To reassemble, with the carb body upside down, install the seat with the grooved side down, then install the needle on the float and install both and pin it. Now install the float bowl o-ring, then the bowl. Back off the adjusting screw, then install the screw assembly on the bowl. Now, lightly seat the adjusting screw and back out 1-1/2 turns. Now install the low speed screw and adjust the same way.
If your carb is a fixed jet, you have no adjustments and do not need the carb kit with adjusting screws. But you do need to soak the main jet and make sure both holes are clean. This has 2 holes in it. 1 is big enough to see, but the other is a tiny pinhole in the threads. This is the 1 everyone seems to miss and is more important than the bigger hole. Noe re-install the carb.
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Unhappy Engine won't start

I wrecked it. I thought the main stem was plastic, was brass and I pulled it out. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

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